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Welcome! Our mission is to be different by enriching our client family both personally and professionally.  We will do this by spending copious amounts of time understanding our client’s life goals and then providing honest straightforward financial counsel that will help them achieve those stated goals.  Our legacy is to build a client family, a family of likeminded people that understand that there is more to life than money, but that we use our money as a resource to provide for ourselves and enrich the lives of our loved ones.

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Our Approach

At The Financial Legacy Group we understand that money is the vehicle to achieve your life goals.  Therefore all long term planning must begin with “the end in mind”.   We must clearly define where we want to be tomorrow to ensure that all of our present day decisions are in line with that end game.  Like in all complicated issues in life, there are many ways to solve a problem.  Once we have helped our client family create a clear image of where they want to be in the future, we then help them analyze all options to get them there.

Business Partners at Work


Our mission and our approach is only possible in a completely independent structure.  A privately owned independent firm prevents any conflicting interests.  We don’t have to worry about quarterly shareholder reports or corporate management’s annual profit goals or how to make more money for anyone else other than our clients.   Our independent corporate structure allows us to focus solely on what is best for the members of our client family.  I know that sounds like what everyone should do in this industry but sadly that is not the case.  Although we are privately owned, our firm also has the resources of a large financial institution, such as TD Ameritrade.  This allows for the resources of a large institution while maintaining the service of a boutique firm.

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Analysing the Numbers


The Financial Legacy Group provides comprehensive financial planning to all members of our client family.  This includes a financial plan which provides an individualize web based plan that can be viewed anywhere in the world.  This allows us to work efficiently with clients anywhere in the world with internet access.  The individualized web based plan will create a complete long term plan by looking at all financial aspects, including property, business interests, investment accounts, cash, liabilities, etc..   We then review this plan on a regular basis to ensure that we stay on track.  As a part of this service, our goal is to offer prudent guidance on all facets of your financial life.  We have an extensive network of preferred providers that can offer guidance in their specialized area such as estate law, taxes, mergers and acquisition of a privately held business, health insurances and real estate.

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